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We love to travel, whether it be around the world, country or province, so if you’re interested in working with us please feel free to contact us with whatever idea you may have and we can get started making it happen.

About Mark

I got started with photography in my hometown of Saskatoon many years ago when my graphic arts teacher introduced me to a SLR camera. It’s been years since then and many things have changed: I graduated from university in Engineering, moved to Calgary, Alberta, met and married my wife, Ashley, traveled the world… but there’s one thing that has remained constant: I still almost always have my camera in hand. It is my constant companion. I love experimenting and honing my photography skills- a truly never-ending process. I learn something from every shoot I do and love working with my clients to produce something unique that we’re both excited about and proud of.

About Ashley

I’ll be honest with you, I inherited my love of photography from Mark. Before meeting him, I had never had access to good photo equipment or a seemingly endless reservoir of knowledge and skill that I could tap on demand, and it was through him that my education truly began. Since then I haven’t looked back and it’s been full steam ahead capturing many different events and moments for our clients- something that I’ve truly come to love.

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